Message from the Pulpit is a sketch from the BBC comedy The Two Ronnies, first broadcast on 4 November 1972. It features a vicar attempting to deliver a sermon.


A vicar (Barker) in the pulpit begins his sermon about how everybody has, at one time or another, asked themselves 'Who am I?', only to be distracted by the sound of someone breaking wind. As the vicar continues, a man in the congregation starts to complain about the sermon, and calls the vicar a raving idiot. When the vicar's reply promts another comment from the heckler, the vicar suggests the heckler is at the wrong service, and should be attending his own funeral.

Resuming the sermon, the vicar remarks that life is strange, with two sides, leading the heckler to interupt. When the vicar responds by advising the man to lie down in the cemetary and tell them he's ready for them, the man says that the cemetary staff are saving a big space for the vicar. After suggesting that the biggest space in the area is between the heckler's ears, the vicar reaches down into the pulpit for a violin and a bow, and plays a few notes of whistful music.


  1. The identity of the cast member performing the part of the heckler is unknown.

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